SCi down more than 50%

British publisher SCi, owner of Eidos Interactive and IO Interactive, has seen its biggest drop in share value in eighteen years. Right now they are at $62 down $72.50.

SCi Entertainment Group Plc SEG 62.00 -72.50 (-53.90%)

Holy shit. Just because they ended all takeover talks…. well not just that … they will also post a loss in 2008. They were asking for more than 300 million pounds for the takeover. Now their value is around 65 million pounds.

Midway should act now!

Midway and SCi !!

Some rumors about a possible merger between SCi and Midway. I think that will be a good step for both since they are not doing that great and they could use the combined momentum to survive against EA and Activision/Vivendi.