Stocks worth buying


SNE 24.68 -0.21(-0.84%) 24.71B


INTC 15.28 -0.84(-5.21%) 84.93B


NVDA 8.76 -0.22(-2.51%) 4.85B


NTDOY 43.30 +0.60(1.41%) 48.97B


V 57.74 -2.07(-3.46%) 48.68B


AMZN 53.25 -5.20(-8.90%) 22.87B


ERTS 22.66 -0.74(-3.16%) 7.20B

The problem is finding the right time to buy. I’m happy I did not buy yesterday cause I thought the market would react to Obama’s election. Here are the indicators from Google Finance:

9,295.06 -330.22 (-3.43%)
970.87 -34.88 (-3.47%)
1,714.98 -65.14 (-3.66%)

The Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P are all down. We might be heading to worse times. So hold your cash for now and don’t buy. The sweet point where you should buy is close though. We have to keep a lookout. If anyone has any insights, please let me know. The world’s best investors make their wealth by buying when times are bad and selling when times are good. Thats how you milk the market. The worst thing happens to people who sell in bad times and buy in good times. It takes a lot of discipline and understanding of the market dynamics to make the right decision. Unfortunately, I do not have that information and I don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of the market.

Stocks not doing too good today

In the Games industry, Midway, Ubisoft, THQ, Activision, SCi, EA, Take Two, MS, and Sony are all down. Ubisoft has good numbers from last year but they are delaying the release of some games this year. Assasin’s Creed must have done better than expected.

Surprisingly, Yahoo and Amazon are both up a little bit. Yahoo went down on 12/31 to $23.20, now its at $24.01. Even Google and Baidu are down today.

Semiconductor is down … almost every company I track is down; Intel, AMD, TI, Cadence, Altera, Xilinx, Mentor Graphics…etc. Also all networking companies are down; Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, Foundary, and others. Same for Apple, Sun, HP, and even IBM. Not a pretty first trading day!

More rumors about Intel acquiring Nvidia are surfacing. Nvidia is down to $33.04 although it has been picked as company of the year by Forbes.