If I had the power to design the new PSP (iPSP)

Reuters recently reported that Sony is working on a Phone PSP. As I wrote a while back here, my dream PSP will be a combination of a smart phone and a gaming device.

Sony announced recently that its working on an Android powered Walkman. Also Sony announced that its open to non-gaming applications for the PSP. All of that tells that something good is cooking behind the scenes. An Android powered PSP would be awesome!!

Imagine of you had a GPS + Cell Phone + Handheld Gaming Console + Digital Camera + Record & Play Audio/Video + Browse the Internet + Email + Open & Edit Files all on the same device. Who needs Netbooks if you have such a device. You need to make sure that all your data is backed up so everything you have should be duplicated on a Cloud somewhere. I would use the Tegra 650 Mobile Graphics card from Nvidia. Getting 1080p HD quality on a mobile device will be a killer. It will be a battery killer too 🙂

Now that is a kitchen sink mobile device I would buy!

Playstation Phone a possibility (PSP+SmartPhone=iPSP)

In a previous post, I wrote a little about my dream PSP + Smart Phone combo. This might not be too far fetched. Hideki (Dick) Komiyama, president of Sony Ericsson says here:

He expresses interest in Sony Ericsson carving out a niche for itself based on Sony’s strength in gaming. He says a PlayStation mobile, building on the Walkman and Cybershot phones, “could happen”.

Sony Ericsson never developed anything to compete with Apple’s iPhone. Being a Sony fanboy, I would love to see a PSP with smart phone capability. If Sony to have any chance in competing with the iPhone, they need to create a market for Independent developers to publish their applications. Creating an Operating system like the OS X for the iPhone is a huge undertaking. Sony is better off using an existing solution like Google Android.

The Palm Pre phone looks pretty compelling. It has multi-touch screen like the iPhone and the ability to have multiple activities open at the same time. Along with some advanced syncing for calendars and contacts and a full sliding keyboard.

Sony can attempt to copy Apple and offer two models. One that is for Gaming with no phone (same as iTouch) and one with a phone (call it iPSP). What do you think?

Update 5/25/09: If I was Sony, I would make sure that the new PSP can run most PS2 game out there. Imagine shadows of the colossus on PSP, that would be cool.