Netsquared meetup – this is about Real Playing Games *warning* long post

Today I went to the Net Squared meetup in San Francisco. It was a great event and I learned quite a bit from it. Its sad that I did not have time to write about my SF New Tech Meetup yet, and now I have to write about this new experience. I will go back to my old post about the SF New Tech Meetup and update it soon. I promise.

There is a good reason why this post is so long, its because I was playing a game. A game you ask? What kind … what do you mean? Well its about this lady called Jane McGonigal . She is a game designer (theorist) who comes with really interesting ideas and concepts. Check her latest project Superstruct. Here are videos that introduce the concepts behind Superstruct, the year is 2019 and humanity has to deal with many different problems.

The final threat video:

Super threat #1 – Quarantine:

Super threat #2 – Ravenous:

Super threat #3 – Power Struggle:

Super threat #4 – Outlaw Planet

Super threat #5 – Generation Exile

I have to continue writing this post. But I have to go to sleep … more to come.