Smart Stops

This post is based on an email I received from the SF IBD Meetup Group (most of it is copied verbatim)

There is a new startup company called, that helps investors know when to sell.

Their solution is based on facilitating and optimizing the use of stop loss protection and making it easier for the investors to take protective action. At the end of each market day, they publish an updated SmartStop for each covered stock calculated for use the next trading day. If the stock falls and triggers its SmartStop, it is an indication that the stock has entered a downtrend and it is recommended that you sell the stock or take other protective action.

They monitor their member’s portfolios continuously and email them when a SmartStop is triggered. If you receive a SmartStop QuickAlert – Take Action.

Their algorithms are designed and maintained by Chuck LeBeau, a well regarded author on technical analysis. Their stops move closer to or further from the stock as trading patterns dictate to keep you in up-trends longer but exit you early in down-trends. Their stops are designed for investors more so than active day traders. They do not hug the stock close enough to trigger daily trades and do not adjust intraday. However, traders, as we know are information hounds and many day traders are early adopters of their solution.

Recent articles in Barron’s, Kiplinger’s, WSJ, Fortune and The can be found at:

They are always looking for feedback from experienced investors. A guy I know who works with them spoke with the CEO and he would like to extend a free trial offer to the IBD Meetup group.

The IBD Meetup Group Code Is: IBD90FREE.

This code will give all members 90 days free SmartStops Portfolio Protection Service at the 10 or 20 stock portfolio level.

How to deal with downturns in economy if you are a startup

Sequoia Capital held a meeting a few days ago with all of its portfolio companies, telling them how to adjust to current economic conditions. Somebody leaked the slides from the meeting (see link below). Very interesting. You have to get to slide 37 for anything resembling a hopeful message ( and’ s successful growth during the downturn of the early 2000’s).
Check here for the slides

I also embedded the slides here:

CrunchBase a great resource

If you have not been to
. I highly suggest you check it out. Its like a startup/company encyclopedia. They give you widgets that you can add to your blogs as well such as the following one:

For some reason the widget does not show up correctly on the blog. In any case hope you will find it useful.

Some new stuff

I have been so busy lately that I have not kept in touch with what is new in the web and technology areas. Well today, I finally got a chance to look at some new stuff and I got introduced to the following:

Open ID

Pop Urls

I created my page on it at


Their goal is the “cessation of Internet stagnation” by providing “aggregation without aggravation.” Check some of their pages on animation here and on food here.


Spokeo searches deep within 40 major social networks to get you secrets and whatever you want to find about someone. This is pretty freaky actually.


Scribd is the world’s largest document sharing community.


Responsys manages on-demand marketing for many companies.


TripWolf is a social site about travelers and travel destinations.