Libyans fight for freedom and Gaddafi solves the one of world’s mysteries

I don’t whether I should laugh or cry. Libyan peaceful protests are being faced with extreme violence.

A while back, the same Gaddafi behind the violence and killings gave the long awaited answer behind the origin of Cola.

If Hosni Mubarak had stepped down on day 1 of the Egyptian revolution, he would have probably been remembered as a progressive hero. Now he is synonymous with a boyfriend who just does not get that its over. All his actions and belongings will be scrutinised and all the dirt will be revealed.

Gaddafi has a lot more dirt to cover and his brutal regime has caused a lot of suffering to the Libyan people. If anything, he should know that this time around, it is different. You are not a leader if you don’t have anyone to lead. Saddam thought he was invincible. Mubarak thought it was a couple of days and all would go back to normal. Why would not these guys get it?

The story of Wael Ghonim

I have been extremely busy since I started working at Google last year so I have not been posting much. Wael Ghonim – a fellow Googler, an Arabic brother, and a freedom fighter – has been released from arrest in Egypt. Here is a video of his first interview after he was released:

This is the truth behind the Internet revolution in Egypt. No foreign interference. No Muslim brotherhood. The video tells much more than I can ever write.

An interesting Debate

Finkelstein versus Dershowitz debate on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now program. Here is the first video out of 11 parts on Youtube. This is just a great example of how Professor Dershowitz is an absolute biased misleading scholar.

Dershowitz caused Finkelstein not to get tenure at his university and Noam Chomsky defended Finkelstein in the following video:

Bhutto’s death causes wall street confusion

The Dow fell 192.08, or 1.42 percent, to 13,359.61. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index declined 21.39, or 1.43 percent, to 1,476.27, and the Nasdaq composite index fell 47.62, or 1.75 percent, to 2,676.79. Another sign that the US stock market is not in good shape right now. I was going to buy Apple stocks …. something I should have done at $90/share … but now I am holding back. Now here is the thing … I will wait out until the first week of January and buy then. A stock tip for anyone reading, Apple’s stock always goes up after Mac World … ALWAYS