Whats up with health insurance in this country?

I just got a letter from my health insurance company requiring itemization of all the medical services I have received in the hospital for the last 2 surgeries I got. The amount that was not covered by the insurance is $230,575.18

This is not the first time this happens. When I got my surgeries two years ago, similar thing happened and the hospital wanted me to pay about $200,000. This is plain outrageous, what is the point of health insurance if every time you get a real procedure done, you have to fight to the nail to get the insurance to pay for it. Last time after fighting for months and involving several parties, I was able to reduce the amount I had to pay from $200K to $14K. It was a long frustrating and stressful process and I really don’t want to go through that again.

I am trying to remain calm. I have worked this out before so I can do it again … its just extremely frustrating. I may even need another procedure done … what then … another $100K… sighs

New challenge

End of July, I had surgery to take the shunt out of my head. After that in August I got another procedure called Endoscopic third ventriculostomy. Overall, I feel like I have recovered quickly but I have fallen behind on working out and my Japanese. Things at work are getting busier than ever and now I’m managing all of North America and Japan by myself.

Beginning of July, I ended a 3 months challenge to improve health, work, and Japanese. I feel like the surgery set me back months behind. I’m at 170 lbs now (10 pounds more than my target weight), have not touched Japanese in weeks, and work is super busy. I may sound negative, but really I think overall things are actually going pretty well considering that people usually take many months to recover from brain surgeries. Mostly, I’m frustrated cause I couldn’t work out. Working out really helps me stay focused and makes me more productive at work. I even sleep/eat/and function better when I have a steady consistent workout schedule.

I just got a green light from my doctor to start working out – lightly however – but its a start. So I decided to set a new challenge. By Nov 10th, 2010 (إن شاء الله), I need to get back to my target 160 lbs weight. I missed registering for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this year and the next time its offered is in July 2011. This gives me time to improve and maybe even test at a higher level. As for work, just gotta be on top of things and come up with ways to allocate my time carefully. I’m also trying to hire another account manager to help reduce the load.

I won’t record my progress online on daily basis but I will be posting about it as I go along to make sure I stay on track.