Two great looking open world games coming soon

Prototype is an open world action game developed by Radical Entertainment (an Activision studio). Release Date is 6/9/2009 coming out on the PS3, Xbox360, and PC. Check out this missions video to see what it offers:

InFamous is another open world action game developed by Sucker Punch and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). I see a lot of similar and dissimilar elements to Prototype. Release Date is 5/26/2009 coming out exclusively on the PS3.

Check out this developer video to see more about InFamous:

Both games offer a range of techniques and more freedom to the player to explore how to accomplish tasks.

Eminence Orchestra

I found out about Eminence Orchestra after I watched their performance for the Metal Gear Solid 2/3/4 Theme music which I attached below. Also check out their performance of the Super Mario Brothers on youtube at: I can’t embed the video here for legal reasons it seems.

Their performance of the One Winged Angel Theme from Final Fantasy VII is outstanding. I attached it below as well. They have also done work for Blizzard’s Diablo III and WoW. Music in video games is a crucial element of the whole experience and it’s a big differentiating factor of great games. Music can enhance the gaming experience or take away from it but never the less, great music is always welcome.

Metal Gear Solid Theme:

Final Fantasy VII One Winged Angel Music:

Blizzard Entertainment’s Echoes of War:

Disgaea 3 Trailer : Amazing Japanese Announcer

This is how I want to sound when I learn Japanese. Forget the game, although it does look interesting. But I don’t think I have enough time in my life to play a game with 9,999 levels. Btw, a commenter on the Kotaku post about this game said that the announcer is Norio Wakamoto … don’t know who is that … great voice over though

Heavenly Sword: Almost the greatest game ever but far from it

The bad:

– Limited simple animations (no turn animation for example)
– No jumps
– Button mashing controls
– Too restricted
– Too short
– The puzzles are too easy (there were not that many of them to begin with)

The Great:
– Amazing visuals
– Amazing Sound production
– Dramatic production

If Sony decides to make a sequel, they need to add more GoW elements to make this a true action/adventure hit.

Heavenly Sword Reviews

Some reviews came out for Heavenly Sword. IGN UK game it 7/10??? I could not believe it!! The game looks amazing. The sounds are awesome. You have a sword with three modes of slashing and fighting. What else could you ask for? God of war has the same slash style all over the game. They say the puzzles are easy … ah well. I am willing to live with that. The whole game is only 6 hours of gameplay which is pretty sad. IGN US says a few tweaks can transform the game. It is worth renting it for sure. I will wait for a collector’s edition before I buy.