Libyans fight for freedom and Gaddafi solves the one of world’s mysteries

I don’t whether I should laugh or cry. Libyan peaceful protests are being faced with extreme violence.

A while back, the same Gaddafi behind the violence and killings gave the long awaited answer behind the origin of Cola.

If Hosni Mubarak had stepped down on day 1 of the Egyptian revolution, he would have probably been remembered as a progressive hero. Now he is synonymous with a boyfriend who just does not get that its over. All his actions and belongings will be scrutinised and all the dirt will be revealed.

Gaddafi has a lot more dirt to cover and his brutal regime has caused a lot of suffering to the Libyan people. If anything, he should know that this time around, it is different. You are not a leader if you don’t have anyone to lead. Saddam thought he was invincible. Mubarak thought it was a couple of days and all would go back to normal. Why would not these guys get it?

The story of Wael Ghonim

I have been extremely busy since I started working at Google last year so I have not been posting much. Wael Ghonim – a fellow Googler, an Arabic brother, and a freedom fighter – has been released from arrest in Egypt. Here is a video of his first interview after he was released:

This is the truth behind the Internet revolution in Egypt. No foreign interference. No Muslim brotherhood. The video tells much more than I can ever write.