Tsukiji Fish Market

I went to the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo really early in the morning to see the Tuna Auction. The Tuna Auction area is world famous and been mentioned in many travel guide books. When I visited Tsukiji before, one of the tourists told me that many famous food authors considered Tsukiji the best place to get sushi. I checked to make sure that the market is open on Saturday and went there.

The auction area in Tsukiji is open to visitors from 5:00am to 6:15am (restricted to 140 visitors/day) so I had to get there really early. I recorded this video of the Tuna auction:

After the auction, I went and stood in line to go a place called 大和 (Dai Wa – there is another reading way but I think Dai Wa is the correct one). The place next to it is called 寿司大 (Sushi Dai) and I visited it on my last trip to Tsukiji. Overall, I would say that Sushi Dai is better even though the wait line at Dai Wa is longer.

Here are some pics:

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Toy Story 3

Saw Toy Story 3 today. Overall, great movie. I had moderate expectations and as usual Pixar got the formula right for Toy Story. Good creative story line, humor, a little bit of action, emotional, and visually stunning. Lots of feel good moments and you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate the movie. Definitely a must see this summer. I saw it in a regular theater cause 3D was sold out. I will probably go see it again in 3D.

End of the 3 months challenge

I started a 3 months challenge on April 12th with three goals; health/weight, work, and Japanese. I’m happy to announce that I’m ending the challenge a week early and starting a new one. Yesterday I weighed myself and was 160 LBS. Now I have to keep the weight off and continue to work out and stay healthy.

As for work, lots of good changes but nothing public yet. Will be writing an update about that pretty soon. Here is a picture from the conference that I just attended:

The Japanese improvement part really kicked my butt. Trying to learn 10 new Kanji everyday was tough. I have another trip to Japan end of August and at that time, I hope to be able to give a technical presentation in Japanese. I will have a translator but my goal is to give one third of the presentation in Japanese by myself. Also I’m aiming to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test end of the year. If I prepare enough, I will take level 2. The backup plan is to take level 3 which is a little easier depending on work, vacation, travel…etc.

Overall, I really like the idea of tracking progress on daily basis and will continue to do that in general.

Got my Matcha


When I lived in Japan, I used to drink Matcha tea everyday. Matcha is a finely-milled Japanese green tea. I usually add honey to my Matcha with a little bit of milk and it becomes the world’s best drink. Hot or Cold!

At the convenient store in Japan, you could find Matcha Milk which already includes the Milk. All you need is hot water and if you like it sweet, add a little bit of honey and you are set.