June 1st – Day 31

The 90 days challenge is still on. Trips and getting sick got in the way, but I won’t let that bring me down. Back on track. I managed to get down to about 167LBS which means I only need to lose 7 more pounds to be at my target 160LBS.

Things at work are going well. I have another trip coming up to Japan pretty soon. I’m hoping to be able to give presentations in Japanese at some point. The technical language needed for a presentation is way beyond me right now so I need to start practicing. I should include that as part of my challenge and incorporate it in my everyday routine.

Kanji is the hardest part of my 90 days challenge and I am learning new ways to become more effective at it. The best way to actually memorize the Kanji is to always associate it with a number of things. I noticed that when a I create a brain map for a character, its much easier to memorize it and recognize it quickly.

Grouping and classifying words really works. When I see a character, I get an instant flash of the whole group that it belongs to instead of just that one character. The problem is that brain maps are very complex and writing them down on paper (while great because of its muscle memory association) is just too time consuming. I started using Free Brain Map software called Free Mind but its taking too much time to do things effectively with it. I need to research more brain mapping software and see which one really fits my learning style.

For today, the Kanji words are (some Kanji characters are new to me, I will tally them up later):

映画: a movie
写真: a picture
趣味: hobby
音楽: music
料理: cooking
番組: program
思考力: thinking power
原色: primary color
白鳥: swan
黒板: blackboard
赤字: deficit
特色:a characteristic
上映する:to show a movie
映す:to reflect
画家:a painter
画面:a screen
原料:raw materials
画数:stroke number
天気予報:weather forecast
記号:symbol, sign
説明する:to explain
動作:action, behavior
自動詞:intransitive verbs
他動詞:transitive verbs
寝台車:sleeping car
遊ぶ: play
遊園地:amusement park
返事:answer, reply

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