One of my favorite poems by الشافعي

دع الأيــام تفـعـل مـــا تـشــاء
وطـب نفسـاً إذا حكـم القضـاء

ولا تـجــزع لـحـادثـه اللـيـالـي
فـمـا لـحــوادث الـدنـيـا بـقــاء

وكن رجلاً عن الأهـوال جلـداً
وشيمتـك السمـاحـة والـوفـاء

وأن كثرت عيوبك فـي البرايـا
وسـرك أن يكـون لهـا غـطـاء

تسـتـر بالسـخـاء فـكـل عـيــبٍ
يغطـيـه كـمــا قـيــل الـسـخـاء

ولا تـــرى لـلأعــادي قـــط ذلاً
فــإن شمـاتـه الأعــداء بــلاء

ولا تـرج السماحـة مـن بخيـل
فمـا فـي النـار للظـمـآن مــاء

ورزقـك ليـس ينقصـه التـأنـي
وليس يزيد في الـرزق العنـاء

ولا حــزن يـــدوم ولا ســـرور
ولا بــؤس علـيـك ولا رخـــاء

إذا مــا كـنـت ذا قـلــب قـنــوعٍ
فـأنـت ومـالـك الدنـيـا ســـواء

ومـن نزلـت بساحـتـه المنـايـا
فــلا أرض تـقـيـه ولا سـمــاء

وأرض الله واســعــة ولــكــن
إذا نزل القضاء ضاق الفضاء

دع الأيــام تـغــدر كـــل حـيــن
فما يغني عـن المـوت الـدواء

Ramadan Kareem

Its not just me who is wishing you a great Ramadan but Obama too. When I hear Obama speaking, he reinforces my belief and love for the US. Since I was 4 years old, I wanted to be in America. This post is really about Ramadan, not about why I love the American way of life. Maybe I will write more about that later. If you don’t know what Ramadan is, click here to find out the details.

Big Update

I have not blogged for a while so here is an update on what’s going on. I left SF on July 31st to visit my family in Jordan. Jordan was hot as usual but it was great to catch up with family and plan my next steps. I accepted a job offer in LA so I will be moving back to CA before the end of the year.

I went to visit my brother with my cousins in Egypt which was an awesome trip. We got to do the touristy stuff but also managed to do a lot of activities that only locals know about. I will post the pictures on Flickr at some point.

Now the big news, I’m in Tokyo. I signed up for a short 2-3 months language program and my new company was OK with this because I need to get a new visa to get into the US. Now I’m in the middle of planning my stay here. I will be doing some training for my new position while studying Japanese at the same time.

I originally wanted to stay in a guest house in the Kanda area but its fully booked until Aug 28th. So I found another guest house temporarily that is a little cheaper and for guys only in the Akihabara area (Click here to find more about guest houses). The guys in this guest house are all in their 30s and 40s and most of them are Japanese. For the most part, everyone keeps to themselves. I was hoping to have a more dynamic living environment, but I guess that wont be the the case in this guest house.

I will try to meet as many new friends as possible to force myself into the language. Its amazing how humbling it is to be in a foreign country without being able to communicate. It will take me a while to adjust to it.

Yesterday, I went to a convenient store and tried to exchange 100yen coins with a 1000yen bill. It took me like 2 minutes to explain what I wanted in sign language. At the end he gave me the 1000yen bill but he did not look happy at all. Later I found out that you just don’t do that in Japan even if you are trying to buy something, you should go to the bank to exchange bills not the コンビニ.

Also yesterday, I was walking with my friend in Akihabara heading to her friend’s house. She made some cake and wrapped it in little individual pieces. We passed by a homeless guy and she offered him one. The guy rejected the cake furiously. I was shocked. San Francisco homeless don’t ever say no to anything.

I’m hoping to blog a couple of times a week while I’m here. Shoot me an email if you would like to know my phone number in Japan. Cell phones here have an email address and people use those emails more than calls. Its very convenient actually … anyways … time to go See ya!!