If I had the power to design the new PSP (iPSP)

Reuters recently reported that Sony is working on a Phone PSP. As I wrote a while back here, my dream PSP will be a combination of a smart phone and a gaming device.

Sony announced recently that its working on an Android powered Walkman. Also Sony announced that its open to non-gaming applications for the PSP. All of that tells that something good is cooking behind the scenes. An Android powered PSP would be awesome!!

Imagine of you had a GPS + Cell Phone + Handheld Gaming Console + Digital Camera + Record & Play Audio/Video + Browse the Internet + Email + Open & Edit Files all on the same device. Who needs Netbooks if you have such a device. You need to make sure that all your data is backed up so everything you have should be duplicated on a Cloud somewhere. I would use the Tegra 650 Mobile Graphics card from Nvidia. Getting 1080p HD quality on a mobile device will be a killer. It will be a battery killer too 🙂

Now that is a kitchen sink mobile device I would buy!


3 comments on “If I had the power to design the new PSP (iPSP)

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