If I had the power to design the new PSP (iPSP)

Reuters recently reported that Sony is working on a Phone PSP. As I wrote a while back here, my dream PSP will be a combination of a smart phone and a gaming device.

Sony announced recently that its working on an Android powered Walkman. Also Sony announced that its open to non-gaming applications for the PSP. All of that tells that something good is cooking behind the scenes. An Android powered PSP would be awesome!!

Imagine of you had a GPS + Cell Phone + Handheld Gaming Console + Digital Camera + Record & Play Audio/Video + Browse the Internet + Email + Open & Edit Files all on the same device. Who needs Netbooks if you have such a device. You need to make sure that all your data is backed up so everything you have should be duplicated on a Cloud somewhere. I would use the Tegra 650 Mobile Graphics card from Nvidia. Getting 1080p HD quality on a mobile device will be a killer. It will be a battery killer too 🙂

Now that is a kitchen sink mobile device I would buy!

InFomous & Prototype reviews

In May I posted about two upcoming open world games. InFamous & Prototype. A lot of people actually confused the two games because they shared so many of the same features.

InFamous is a PS3 exclusive and Sucker Punch’s first game on the PS3 has gotten overall good reviews. An average score of 85 on Metacritic which is lower than what I expected when I first saw the previews of the game. Anyway, here is the Gametrailers review video:

Prototype is a game developed by Radical Entertainment on the PS3, PC, and Xbox360. Prototype has an average score of 84 on Metacritic which is lower than what I expected too. Here is the IGN review video:

Sony making a Walkman with Android!!

AndroidWalkmanYes, finally!! Sony is adopting Google’s flavored Linux Android for a Walkman device. This is exciting because we might see an Android powered PSP at some point which might look like my dream PSP. Sony Japan is not too keen on making a PSP cell phone but if this new Android Walkman succeeds, things might change.

Originally reported here.