Google O3D API

Google announced the O3D API for creating 3D Graphics in the browser. Another smart step to broaden the usage of the Internet which will hopefully end up with a full fledged broswer powered 3D games that are supported by ads someway or another.

Its interesting that all the big companies are using strategies that don’t affect their bottom line directly but strengthen the community around their offerings. Sun, Intel, Google, IBM, and Oracle are all encouraging people to dive in deeper to the technologies they offer for free so they can market thier non-free solutions. In the case of Sun, the strategy that Jonathan Schwarz has resulted eventually in their acquisition by Oracle. Google is making all the right steps, Google Android, Google Code, Maps, Mail, Calendar, Documents, Finance, …etc. All of these apps attract users who are very likely to click on related ads. Once you have proven market leadership, growth becomes the problem. Just hitting the same numbers year over year is not enough to do better in the market.

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