Bailout of the American Car Companies

Are you for it or against it? I would love to hear what people’s thoughts about this topic. I attached a funny photo about the issue. Check it below.

American Cars Bailout

American Cars Bailout

2 comments on “Bailout of the American Car Companies

  1. amazingly enough, these companies are a symbol… for those people who do buy from GM/Chrysler/Ford, well filling bankruptcy would be the tie breaker.. how comfortable would you be buying a car from a company that had just recently declared bankruptcy.. would factory warranty mean anything?

    I recall that in 2010 all new cars are to be 20-30% more fuel efficient by law… that solves that problem, now seriously if you want your cars to sell, work on the interior a bit it’s 20 years too old!

  2. Exactly, they are a symbol more than anything else. If all American car manufacturers die, then what does that say about America? Its a matter of pride not only business. The insurance companies will lose huge amounts on this because they are obligated to keep business contracts of those companies that went bankrupt. We will see how this plays out.

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