An interesting Debate

Finkelstein versus Dershowitz debate on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now program. Here is the first video out of 11 parts on Youtube. This is just a great example of how Professor Dershowitz is an absolute biased misleading scholar.

Dershowitz caused Finkelstein not to get tenure at his university and Noam Chomsky defended Finkelstein in the following video:

2 comments on “An interesting Debate

  1. Noam Chomsky represents a far left-wing viewpoint and is not considered credible by anyone in the mainstream. He should have stuck to research on linguistics. He is a bizarre, self-hating person of Jewish descent. I have seen him debate Alan Dershowitz at Harvard and Dershowitz won by a mile. True, Dershowitz represents a Center-Right viewpoint but he had much better command of verifiable statements than Chomsky, who is truly in his own world.

  2. I may not agree with everything Chomsky says but he is definitely one of the most intellectual scholars alive. His scholarship and books are based on solid UN and News reports, while Dershowitz tends to use fabricated data to prove his point.

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