Online Identity

The new Facebook design allows you to import your online activities from sites like word press, blogger, other bloging platforms like typepad …etc, Yelp, Delicious, Flickr, Digg, Google Picasa, Pandora, Google Reader, Youtube, Stumbleupon,, and Hulu.

Now that Open ID is finally accepted on many sites, your online identity can be preserved and soon enough you can track someone’s complete on-line presence by knowing one of their online identities. I mentioned before in a previous post about Spokeo, an on-line service that allows you to track all the online activities from people in your address book over 40 social sites. That’s spooky. Too much about who we are becomes easily accessible to people we don’t even know.

Oh there is so much that can be written on this topic. But to keep it short, be aware what you do online. Anything you do can be tracked so do not do anything you would not want people to find out about. If you are about to apply to a university and your myspace page is not a good reflection of the image you are trying to portray, you better think twice about allowing public access to your page.

It is kind of exciting that the web is merging and becoming more integrated. All your actions can be grouped together and accessed from one place. That’s the idea behind sites like Alltop and PopUrls.

I have been using Thunderbird as my RSS Feed Reader. But Google Reader offers a lot of cool features that I’m considering switching to it. For example, G Reader allows me to share links at a page dedicated for posts that I tagged as shared. This page is at

Even Pandora has a public profile page that can be shared with others. Mine is at

It’s getting late. I better get to bed.

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