Nvidia trying to beef up their software ecosystem

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NVIDIA HAS JUST announced a “strategic partnership” with video software application firm Motion DSP, in which it has also bought a stake. Motion DSP makes software that fixes video, allowing users to make videos from cell phones, still cameras, camcorders, or the Interwibble significantly less shoddy-looking using video enhancement and reconstruction technology. …. Motion DSP has now ported about 80 per cent of its algorithms to the GPU using Nvidia’s Cuda, which the company claims has significantly accelerated things….. “Our software runs almost five times faster on the GTX280 [than on an Intel quad core]” says Dr Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP. “If we stayed with Intel, we weren’t going to get there until Intel had at least eight-core chips out for consumers. By using Cuda to port to the GPU, we were really leapfrogging Moore’s law by 18-24 months and getting to real-time sooner.”…. Explaining why Nvidia had decided to buy a stake in his company, Varah explained that Nvidia knew it had to branch out and stop catering only to gamers if it wanted to survive. Asked by the INQ if the size of the stake Nvidia had bought was significant, Varah replied “It’s significant to us!”.

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AFTER A SOME five years in the marketing pipeline, Nvidia graphics card users will now be able to noodle about on Adobe’s new Creative Suite 4, supported and accelerated natively on a GPU….. This is good news for impatient graphics geeks who want to cut down on the amount of time they need to render HD movies, for instance. Nvidia reckons movies which used to take up to 28 hours to render on Premier Pro could now feasibly be rendered in just two or three hours.

Expect more acquisitions/deals of this nature for both Intel and Nvidia. Both companies are playing the same game (creating demand for their hardware by adding software support).


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