Awesome site for learning Japanese

Check here

It’s a language learning site with a social twist. Here is what they say at their site:

iKnow! is a new way to learn a language based on scientific research into memory and psychology: it trains your brain in the natural ways that accelerate learning.

iKnow’s patented learning algorithms generate a personalized learning schedule based on your learning history. What this means is that items you’re having trouble with will come up for review far more frequently than items you know well. It’s like having your own private teacher who knows what you need to focus on.

You set your goal, and iKnow!’s learning engine creates an optimized schedule for reaching that goal. Every time you launch, it will recommend how many lessons you should study that day to reach your target.

iKnow! also features multimedia content (images and audio) in the training cycle to enrich the experience and strengthen memory connections.


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