Goodbye Ramadan

Ramadan has been tough this year. Work, fasting, and the long days have not been a great mix. I’m sad that I did not make the best out of this month. I found this great doa’a for Sheikh Ahmed Al-ajmi that is really touching. You can access it here. The link takes you directly to the mp3 file of the doa’a.

Online Identity

The new Facebook design allows you to import your online activities from sites like word press, blogger, other bloging platforms like typepad …etc, Yelp, Delicious, Flickr, Digg, Google Picasa, Pandora, Google Reader, Youtube, Stumbleupon,, and Hulu.

Now that Open ID is finally accepted on many sites, your online identity can be preserved and soon enough you can track someone’s complete on-line presence by knowing one of their online identities. I mentioned before in a previous post about Spokeo, an on-line service that allows you to track all the online activities from people in your address book over 40 social sites. That’s spooky. Too much about who we are becomes easily accessible to people we don’t even know.

Oh there is so much that can be written on this topic. But to keep it short, be aware what you do online. Anything you do can be tracked so do not do anything you would not want people to find out about. If you are about to apply to a university and your myspace page is not a good reflection of the image you are trying to portray, you better think twice about allowing public access to your page.

It is kind of exciting that the web is merging and becoming more integrated. All your actions can be grouped together and accessed from one place. That’s the idea behind sites like Alltop and PopUrls.

I have been using Thunderbird as my RSS Feed Reader. But Google Reader offers a lot of cool features that I’m considering switching to it. For example, G Reader allows me to share links at a page dedicated for posts that I tagged as shared. This page is at

Even Pandora has a public profile page that can be shared with others. Mine is at

It’s getting late. I better get to bed.

Blogs related to Arabs in japan

I recently enrolled in two beginner level Japanese classes at Soko Gakuen in Japan Town in San Francisco. One class is conversational and the other class covers both writing and conversation. You never know what a random search can guide you to on the internet. I wanted to see what information was there on Islam and Japan and I got links to many blogs that sounded interesting.

Before I list the blogs, I was surprised that most of them were blogs on Blogger. Word Press dominates the blogs market in the US. Many of these blogs did not have quick links to get their rss feed. I had to do some digging and found that all blogger blogs have their feeds at:

Its not as simple as Word Press where you have links to the full blog feed and the comments feed directly. For example, my blog’s full rss feed is:

Anyways ..  enough about feeds and all that. The blogs that I found interesting are:
They describe themselves as:

تتناول المدونة ما يتعلق باليابان. ونرحب بتعاون الزوار في تقديم المقالات والأخبار ضمن هذا الإطار وتصحيح
الأخطاء اللغوية فيها بالإضافة إلى ترجمات نصوص يابانية أو إنجليزية سنختارها

Al-Yaban blog presents articles and news on Japan in Arabic with cooperation of its visitors. アラビア語による日本専門ブログ。投稿歓迎

A blog by a Jordanian student living and studying in Tokyo. She seems to have gone to the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). I myself spent 2 years at JUST in the computer engineering department before I transferred to SCU in the US.

This blog seems to belong to another Jordanian student living in Tokyo. I found out about a soccer match between Jordan and Japan through this site. I never knew that Jordan played Japan before. I have been living abroad for way too long. In any case, here is the youtube video of the penalty kicks between the two teams. I can’t believe that we were up by two and then eventually lost. Its truly disappointing.

A blog by a Tunisian girl living and studying in Japan.Through her blog I found a link to a service called Yamli. I used to write the following sentence. This is sooo cool.

أنا لم أكتب بالعربية منذ أكثر من ٨ سنوات ولا أصدق هذا البرنامج الرائع. لم يعد لدي حجة لعدم الكتابة بالعربية.
لا أكاد أصدق كم هو رائع هذا البرنامج

A blog by three muslim women living in Japan.

Arabic MMO announced

A new Games publisher called Game Power 7 was started in Dubai to publish/develop games targeting the Arab market. Check this interesting presentation that shows many facts about the region and gives you an idea about the culture/challenges faced by Game companies.

An interview with their general manager is posted at:

“The game is a localized version of Rappelz, the successful game from NFlavor. Our localized name is “Rappelz: Hope of Nations” ….. Our vision is to service the whole spectrum of gaming industry in the region, which includes game development, game publishing, and digital game content publishing. Our short-midterm plan is to focus on MMO Games and game content digital publishing.

High rates of game piracy in the region is a major barrier for conducting business in offline gaming genres.”

Nvidia trying to beef up their software ecosystem

Check here

NVIDIA HAS JUST announced a “strategic partnership” with video software application firm Motion DSP, in which it has also bought a stake. Motion DSP makes software that fixes video, allowing users to make videos from cell phones, still cameras, camcorders, or the Interwibble significantly less shoddy-looking using video enhancement and reconstruction technology. …. Motion DSP has now ported about 80 per cent of its algorithms to the GPU using Nvidia’s Cuda, which the company claims has significantly accelerated things….. “Our software runs almost five times faster on the GTX280 [than on an Intel quad core]” says Dr Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP. “If we stayed with Intel, we weren’t going to get there until Intel had at least eight-core chips out for consumers. By using Cuda to port to the GPU, we were really leapfrogging Moore’s law by 18-24 months and getting to real-time sooner.”…. Explaining why Nvidia had decided to buy a stake in his company, Varah explained that Nvidia knew it had to branch out and stop catering only to gamers if it wanted to survive. Asked by the INQ if the size of the stake Nvidia had bought was significant, Varah replied “It’s significant to us!”.

Check here too

AFTER A SOME five years in the marketing pipeline, Nvidia graphics card users will now be able to noodle about on Adobe’s new Creative Suite 4, supported and accelerated natively on a GPU….. This is good news for impatient graphics geeks who want to cut down on the amount of time they need to render HD movies, for instance. Nvidia reckons movies which used to take up to 28 hours to render on Premier Pro could now feasibly be rendered in just two or three hours.

Expect more acquisitions/deals of this nature for both Intel and Nvidia. Both companies are playing the same game (creating demand for their hardware by adding software support).

Some new stuff

I have been so busy lately that I have not kept in touch with what is new in the web and technology areas. Well today, I finally got a chance to look at some new stuff and I got introduced to the following:

Open ID

Pop Urls

I created my page on it at


Their goal is the “cessation of Internet stagnation” by providing “aggregation without aggravation.” Check some of their pages on animation here and on food here.


Spokeo searches deep within 40 major social networks to get you secrets and whatever you want to find about someone. This is pretty freaky actually.


Scribd is the world’s largest document sharing community.


Responsys manages on-demand marketing for many companies.


TripWolf is a social site about travelers and travel destinations.

Another way of looking at things

Look at the attached images and you will know what I mean 🙂

Science is so cool

Musical Tesla Coil

Mythbusters Play with Sulfur Hexafluoride

Boomerang in Zero Gravity

Helium Superfluid

Halo of Water Vapor Appears Around Supersonic F-14 Jet

Sound Waves on Fire

Water Droplets in Zero Gravity

Fun with Ferrofluid

How Superconducting Levitation Works

Large Hadron Collider Rap

All videos linked from here.