Parallel Memory Access (about freaking time)

I checked this article on EE times and I was like why the hell hasn’t I thought of this before? Well actually, I did think of it before and when I asked my professor about it … he said its probably way too expensive and inefficient to make.

So what is this about? The answer is too technical but just to make it simple. You know how Intel Core Duo is better than an Intel Core 1. If you have two processors, it will be faster than one. Thats called parallel processing. You can do the same with memories. Memories are one of the biggest bottlenecks in high performance computing and the ability to access memory cells in parallel will mean an improvement in accessing times, and therefore improved overall system performance.

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Use it or lost it

I have been so busy with work lately that I have not been checking Arabic news sites. Today I added Aljazeera to my RSS feed and I could barely read the Arabic words on the screen … oh man .. thats to be expected. I always scored better in English than Arabic 🙂

Now that I have it in my rss feed, I should gain back my quick Arabic reading skills in no time.

Another free idea – flight approval/scheduling for MSBs

MSBs is medium sized businesses. In small/medium companies with a decent sized sales force, getting approval for expensive flights and scheduling them takes a long time and creates frustrations for every body (the administrative staff, management, and the sales staff).

A simple website with some management settings that allows various levels of management to approve flights automatically would be great. Let me elaborate a little bit; the site should make it easier for MSBs to stream line the approval process for flights. For example, flights less than $200 can be scheduled without any manager’s approval. Flights between $200-$800 can be approved with direct line manager approval. Flights more than $800 need to be approved by the next line of management and so on. Now if you got a company with some strict expense control, this will really make sense.

Considering the low cost of setting up something like this, it could be worth a try. If anyone actually does, all I ask is let me know how it turned out.

Free idea – Managing calendars

Apart from Ajax calendars like Google, there has not been much innovation on how calendars work or operate. Syncing your calendar between your cell phone, desktop, laptop, and any other device you have is a hassle. I have been talking about creating a web-based calendar synchronization software so my phone, my laptop, my desktop, and my online calendars are all in sync. Not only that, it should enable me to allow certain people to view my calendar. Cross-company calendar scheduling is such a hassle too.

I will pay for this service and I’m sure many other professionals would too.

SCi down more than 50%

British publisher SCi, owner of Eidos Interactive and IO Interactive, has seen its biggest drop in share value in eighteen years. Right now they are at $62 down $72.50.

SCi Entertainment Group Plc SEG 62.00 -72.50 (-53.90%)

Holy shit. Just because they ended all takeover talks…. well not just that … they will also post a loss in 2008. They were asking for more than 300 million pounds for the takeover. Now their value is around 65 million pounds.

Midway should act now!