Uncharted: I finished it already

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is a great game. I loved the whole experience. The story line is not deep but the gameplay is awesome. The controls are crisp and the character is very responsive. The visuals are great, the frame rate is consistent, and the sound is solid too. The game is not monotonous and you get to do different things through out the game. You get to drive a jet ski, a jeep with a machine gun, do platforming, exploration, and lots of shooting. You even get some scary moments towards the end of the game.

As most new games now, not too many puzzles and the difficulty level is not challenging enough. The game is not short, it took me 5-6 multi hour sessions to finish it.

The physics in the game were disappointing. Ragdolls and physics in Heavenly Sword were way better in my opinion (of course I am biased cause I work for Havok).

Still the game was awesome with a lot of good design ideas. Some of the levels were just amazing. The water effects are some of the best I have seen so far. I wish there was some swimming or diving in the game. Metal Gear Solid and GoW both had swimming/diving and it made the game more interesting and fresh.

So for Uncharted 2, want more vehicle play, swimming/diving, more physical interaction, more puzzles, longer game, and a more engaging story line if possible.


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