Overestimated Midway

I bought Midway a while back when I thought that they would do really well with Stranglehold and Area 51. Unfortunately, both games did not do too great. While Stranglehold delivered on the massive D promises, it was short, and very repetitive. Heavenly Sword fell into that same repetitive trap. Area 51 was plain ordinary. Nothing too special (many FPSs are like that which is a topic for another post).

So coming back to the main point. Midway failed to turn profits and for that my MWY stocks would end up reducing my taxable income for the year 😦 I am gonna sell at a loss unfortunately.

This article came out way after I bought my MWY stocks … and I wish I had waited. Well now at least, they are going to publish Unreal Tournament III for the PS3 before the end of the year. We will see if that sells.

Activision got Guitar Hero to rock on, EA has bought Pandemic and Bio Ware and they have several big titles coming out, and Take Two released Bio Shock and coming with GTA IV soon (check here). Midway on the other hand is just not delivering any big hits. They need a really good Mortal Kombat game to pick up the slack. The next-gen MK has not been featured or talked about at all. It has not been announced even.

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