Dating tips based on console choice

Based on MSN matching website, the choice of console can tell a lot about someone’s personality. Here is their analysis:

– likes to be the first on the block to have things
– deep pockets
– demands the best out of his experience—and probably his women
– enjoys life to its fullest
– sophisticated, intelligent, enjoys competition
– willing to wait for a good thing
– loyal

– a fun guy
– not the typical slack-jawed, bleary-eyed gamer
– smart with his money

– shy
– cooperative
– makes good money and likes to spend it
– “passionate about gaming, and that transfers into the bedroom as well”

I have a PS3, what does that say about me?


One comment on “Dating tips based on console choice

  1. Mohammad Musa. A playstation like me. Wants to settle for a simple traditional girl? Because life is simpler that way? I doubt it.

    Besides, what woman is actually simple? Remember my first message to you- ‘lets just start with the facts’… how simple did I seem?

    You told me your story of internet dissapointment. I never told you mine. The catalyst behind my 5kg weight loss that brought me down to the same weight I was when I was 12- I still haven’t put all that weight back on. I was also feeling heart palpitations, anxiety, crying bouts that was VERY unusual for me- I was making myself sick. I was getting to know a guy online (on facebook actually), there was talks of getting engaged. Awful timing, just before exams (like up to a few days before) before I was about to graduate. This was 2 months ago. They were the worst 2 weeks of my life too much change too quickly, but were a good wake up call.

    I really believe it was not my study/hard work that got me through those exams, it was Allah. I want to tell you the exact sequence of events where I woke up and realised that I had been decieved by this guy and his intentions THE WHOLE TIME. It really was a turning point for me.

    I have tried to be open and honest and respectful with you. Simple even. I think you have tried to be open and honest and respectful with me. Life has taught me the only men that call you ‘sister’ are those that… you know what, I’m not going to say ‘brother’ 😛

    I am fascinated by languages- a bit of Arabic, a bit of Japanese, but mainly English. ‘Goals’ are for things that you want that you THINK are positive. ‘Challenges’ are for things that you also want that you THINK are negative. Work and travel are my goals. Marriage and children also are my goals, but they are my challenges.

    A beautiful poem I studied in high school- ‘The mind is its ownself and in itself can create a heaven out of hell, or a heaven out of hell’

    I deleted facebook since then. I wasn’t getting any satisfaction from it, just a shallow look at people’s shallow lives. Plus my brother (unlike my parents) never let me add any boys on facebook 😛 I always listened to him, except that one time. He’s against singlemuslim too (unlike my parents- they were the ones that SENT ME THE LINK to the website and encouraged me to join for ‘life experience’ but also might be able to get kheir out of it if the right guy happens to come along:). My brother is the one that is going to be taking me to the Islamic marriage course on Saturday though. And I want to tell you about the one guy that my brother- also very popular in our community- recommended me to get married to. I want to show you his picture Mohammad, he actually looks like Harry Potter LOL. He really does. And he’s younger than me, and he is a pharmacy student, a type 1 diabetic since he was a kid… my dad said get real. But my brother likes him cos he comes from a good family (his mother is an Australian revert, so lovely), he’s quiet and religious- though when he went to Hajj with the same group as my family (I didnt go cos I felt like I was ‘too young’ butr really was scared to change… now I know that I missed out) my dad had different views on him- he thought he was a pain in the ass. I think he is too.

    I’m sick of half friends and half lovers too you know. Now when I want to get to know my friends its visiting them or going out for food one-on-one. All my friends are all girls in my city (I went to an all-girl high school as well). For the Arab aunties to recommend me for their arab sons- I have a tally- you know I have a good reputation. But I am the type unless I REALLY know a person, I don’t like them to come into my house. Prospective suitors included. What are we supposed to talk about while we drink coffee from little cups and all my family is there? The bloody weather? So from all my tally, not one man has actually made it through my front door.

    Went to beach again tonight after work, in my work clothes- a high waisted skirt to my knees with stockings under (brother would not approve), not the most suitable beach clothes I wanted to dip my legs in. And it was hot, but all my pants were in the wash from the other times I was at the beach and the water leaves salt marks. Ok enough talk about bloody laundry 😛 Well I was telling my dad about my ‘contacts’ from singlemuslim. You were different though, you actually got my real email address as I want to hear back from you 🙂

    When we were talking on msn, things got a little muddy… as in unclear. Your photo. My mum came in when we were talking and saw it and was like ‘this guy is no good for you’. Know the song ‘American woman’ by Lenny Kravitz? Know which part I’m thinking of?

    But I know you wanted to be upfront about things from the beginning and I know what you want… you want the mother of your children as well. And you are ready to start a family. Your ‘goal’ is to get married by summer (our winter). You gave me your skype ID as you wanted to be upfront about things. And look me in the eyes with both your eyes. Was your one eyed photo- your ‘fictional character’ solid snake. your cross of James Bond and Rambo- what were you trying to tell me? I have many theories on this one. Just be upfront about it that’s all please.

    These are 2 movies that I loved, very deep and meaningful… if you haven’t watched them I suggest you do:
    1. American beauty
    2. The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

    I think you are a true Muslim at heart. And a true Palestinian man at heart- courageous and strong with the heart of a lion. A bit stubborn though. But still loves his mum and wants to make her happy from him 🙂 I one day will be a Palestinian woman too- loves cooking and loves kids and works hard at making them her goals. But I also have some Lebanese:) And some Australian:) I’ll keep you guessing though.

    I never told you why I did pharmacy. Playstations aim for the top. Doctors are the top in the hospital I work at, pharmacy’s actual work is quite mundane, boring and restricted. You know that position I mentioned I wanted to reach… all 3 men in the department that were clinicial pharmacists are leaving to be doctors. There is 1 clinical pharmacist woman in my department that left to be a doctor too, she has been living with her boyfriend for years unsure when he will actually pop the question… that’s human nature for you.

    Was my passion/dream to be an actress (as a Muslim girl I can’t be a Hollywood star), I had the grades to be a doctor… but did pharmacy as my family convivnced me its better for girls (‘tomorrow when you get married’) in that you can work 1 or 2 days a week if you like even. Which half the women (most of my department are females) do.

    Be upfront with me. If you like me, or not. Take your time if you need to. I like time 🙂 Playstations are meant to be like that too.

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