Lair reviews!!

What went wrong?? A game that has been in development for so long. It has been delayed several times and everything you hear it about it is so confusing. The music is awesome (check the music here and here). The story line has all the success factors needed. Everyone who played the game says that the story is an Epic. The graphics, the lighting, and the effects are all looking good. So whats the F***ing problem? The controls. Everyone who tried the game says that its really hard to control (even Sony’s ThreeSpeech said the controls are hard). Kotaku wrote this today

Lair developer Eggebrecht suggested that developers take those suggestions from hardcore users “with a grain of salt” citing Factor 5’s inference that the hardcore “seem to somehow resent the idea that motion control is the next evolution, or one of the evolutions, where video games will go.” With the hardcore gamer “bashing in our heads” over the use of the SIXAXIS motion detection as the primary control method for the game’s dragon flight, it might seem like Eggebrecht ignored player feedback.

Not so. The team did make motion control concessions based on vocal, negative opinions from the PLAYSTATION 3 game’s Tokyo Game Show demo. Ripping out the motion control for on-foot segments, Eggebrecht called the earlier control scheme “quite frankly, horrible in hindsight” and that listening to hardcore opinions can often be “a blessing and a curse.”

And while some game developers may have a bitter taste left in their mouths by a scathing preview or review of a game, Eggebrecht said “The press isn’t the enemy. If anybody thinks the press is the enemy, that’s stupid. These guys are usually as passionate, if not more so, than you yourself are so work with them.”

So the team did listen but not enough. Sony seems to squeeze six axis in everything. Its not a differentiating factor for god’s sake, get over it. The Wii sensing capability is more intuitive and the controller was designed with that in mind. While the six axis controller is nothing but a wireless PS2 controller with no rumble and some tilting capability. I personally don’t like it but thats only an opinion. I should not be forced to use it, now thats a fact. I hope Factor5 removes that Six Axis control restrictions before release. Factor 5 has a chance to save their game before its out. If they don’t do it now, they will be forced to do it later (maybe). Why maybe? Because PS3 owners like me are hungry for a great game and there is no doubt that Lair got a lot of great things going for it. Gamers might tolerate the bad controls just because there ain’t much out there for the PS3 yet. Heavenly Sword, and Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction are coming out soon and I have no doubt those games will rock. I’m not sure about Warhawk, I will rent it first and see. Gotta wait for Folklore and SingStar and see. As for non-exclusive titles, Stranglehold and Assassin’s Creed look pretty solid as well.


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