Bin Laden changed my life

I like catchy titles but believe me in this post, I’m not trying to be catchy. Its true. Bin Laden changed my life in a major way. Let me explain.

I left to the US to continue my studies on Aug 26th 2001. Only two weeks after I arrived, Sep 11 happened (check my previous post). It was horrible to say the least. Now 6 years later, I’m still suffering from the consequences of that day. I recently came to Jordan to visit my family. I already have an H1B work visa but because I never left the US for the past 6 years, I never had the visa stamped on my passport. You can only get the passport stamped outside the US. So I figured I will just get my passport stamped in Jordan so I can visit my family.

I went to the American embassy in Amman yesterday confident that I got all the paperwork and that everything will go smoothly. I show up at the interview window and smile. I did not get a smile back … not a good sign. Especially if you lived in Cali, people are always smiling. I started thinking .. oh oh .. am I in Texas?

The counsel said my visa requires additional administrative processing and it will take 8-12 weeks. After that, they will inform me if my visa is approved. I went into denial immediately WTF. All kinds of scenarios went through my mind (what if I lose my job, what about my apartment, my rent, my car, my roommates, my mail, my cat … oh wait … I dont have a cat … etc). I told the lady behind the window, I emailed you guys and asked if this would happen. She was like there is nothing I can do for you … good bye … WTF again.

I’m extremely pissed off. I knew there was a slight chance of delay (but like a week or 2 weeks delay not f****** 12 weeks). Getting back to the title. Bin Laden not only changed my life but also changed the lives of all Arabs and Muslims who live or were planning on living in the US. Actually probably all Arabs and Muslims period. It sucks. I should not have to pay for what he did. I cant even begin to describe the amount of financial loss and inconvenience of all of this.

Of course my story is only one of thousands it not millions. Compared to people who have lost their lives or their close ones, my problems are nothing. Is there a way to fix this?