Vacation time

Since I moved to the Bay Area in 2001, I have not been back to Jordan to visit my family. I left there on August 26th (2 weeks before 9/11) … talk about lucky!!

During those 6 years, I was so busy  between work and school, I never had time to go back. This year, I made sure to create the time.

I’m so excited. Everything will be so different over there. The people, the buildings, the streets … everything. My younger brother  and sister will look so different. I have seen their pictures but I know I will be astonished once I see them in person. My bro was 15 when I left and my sister was 14. People change a lot between 14 and 20.

It will be an interesting experience. Re-learning where you I came from. My family does not know the exact day of my arrival. It will be nice to surprise them. My mom was warning me that I won’t be able to recognize our house any more because the area around has changed considerably. I know I will find it, no matter how much things changed, I know I will find it.


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