Games Industry 3.0

Its been a while since I planned an event and finally after almost a year, I’m back on track. I have planned this event with CSPA (Chinese Software Professional Association). Here is the event description:

The global games industry is now valued at over $30 billion. The rapid growth of the industry, introduction of next generation gaming consoles and advanced PC hardware, the wide popularity of massively multiplayer online (MMO) content such as World of Warcraft, user generated games, and online distribution channels all introduce new challenges and new opportunities. How is the industry dealing with these challenges? With video game budgets easily exceeding $20 million, where will the intrepid entrepreneurs thrive? How does the convergence between the TV and the computer screen affect the games industry? This CSPA event brings together a group of highly experienced panelists to shed light on the challenges in the Games Industry. Join us for some food, networking, and an insightful evening.



  • Don Daglow, President and CEO, Stormfront Studios
  • Tom DuBois, Lead Producer, Global Online Studio, Electronic Arts
  • Gus Tai, General Partner, Trinity Ventures
  • Jeff Yates, Vice President Product Management, Havok Inc.

All details can be accessed here

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