The Power of Porn

The fight between the HD-DVD and Blu Ray DVD has started a while back. Sony (the main backer of Blu Ray DVD) has prevented Porn Studio from using Blu Ray DVDs (although Sony denied that). Sony’s attitude is pushing the Porn industry to use HD-DVD for their high definition movies. At the same time, these porn studios would prefer to use Blu Ray due to its superior capacity and quality over HD-DVD.

I guess Sony does not realize how much power the porn industry has over new uses of technology. Video streaming and video and image compression have been driven by the adult entertainment industry.  James McQuivey, a principal analyst at technology research firm Forrester, said in the VHS-versus-Betamax war, porn provided a significant boost for the winning format.

If the porn industry wanted to break the logjam of HD-DVD and Blu-ray, it could. If they said ‘We are going to go with HD-DVD’ you would see a few million homes immediately go out and buy HD-DVD players. They have that power. McQuivey said.

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