Which Game console should I buy?


It about time to get a new video game console. My PS2 has served me well over the past 5 years and now its time to move to a next gen console. Which next gen console to buy? PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360??

Here is a break down of the things that I care about:

  • High Definition quality games
  • DVD player
  • Web browsing
  • Online gaming
  • Large Hard Drive and ability to run Linux.
  • Motion sensing or at least future support for it

HD Games and player

The Nintendo Wii is out because it can not run HD. It ends up being Sony vs Microsoft. PS3 and XBox360 both support HD.


XBox360 costs $399.99 for the main system with 20GB drive and $199.99 for the HD player. While the PS3 costs $599.99 with a 60GB drive and includes the blu-ray High Definition player.

PS3 wins since it has a larger hard drive and off course it has far more powerful hardware.


XBox360 will not have Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Resident Evil 5. Those games are absouletly essential and they will be PS3 exclusives but I’m willing to reconsider given good alternatives. XBo360 has Halo3, Lost Planet, and a number of great games. They had a full year to ramp up before the PS3. The only game that I would buy on the PS3 right now is Resistance: Fall of Men. I guess I could play God of War 2 and Final Fantasy XII on the PS3 until more games come out.

Bypassing my bias for Sony, XBox360 wins the game category right now.

Online Gaming

The PS3 online gaming platform is not as well developed as the XBox360. So clearly the XBo360 wins here too.

Motion Sensing Support

The Sony Six Axis controller already supports motion sensing. Sony also mentioned that third party companies can easily creat customized motion sensors that offer better control. XBox has nothing to compete with that. Sony wins in this category.

Web Browsing

The XBox360 does not support web browsing. You need to hook it up to PC Media Center. Sony wins here with flaring colors. The PS3 can also be hooked to a Keyboard and a mouse. Not sure of the XBox supports that.


Sony wins here. Yellow Dog Linux is the only Sony approved Linux distribution but I think more distributions will be supported in the near future. Obvisouly, there is no official support for Linux on the XBox. I’m hoping that Sony will offer DVR functionality pretty soon. But if they do not, I’m sure I can hook up a large hard drive through USB and get some software to make it act as a DVR. This might not be easy but anything is doable with Linux 🙂


Sony is the winner. The cost is about the same as the XBox360 with the HD-DVD drive. Sony offers

  • better hardware (the cell processor)
  • More storage
  • backwards compatibility with thousands of great PS1 and PS2 games
  • Blu-Ray Player which supports 50GB on a single DVD. 20 GB more than a HD-DVD
  • many exclusive titles that will not come out on other consoles
  • Linux support
  • Web browsing
  • Integration with the PSP
  • Bluetooth support
  • Future proof (the XBox360 will get outdated as soon as a game company figures out how to push PS3 to the limit). With a PS3, I know my console will be good enough 2-5 years from now.

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