3bubbles is not in stealth mode anymore. Tech Crunch and Stowe Boyd both wrote about it on Friday last week. As usual, some people are really excited about the idea and others think it does not make any sense. Check the comments on Tech Crunch to see what issues came up regarding this new concept.

Lets be practical for a second, if you read a post on someone’s blog and the chat feature is available, are you going to use it or not? Does it add value to you? My answer is yes. It is a great way to communicate with people in real time who care about things that you care about. I’d rather read blogs that provide chat functionality. If there is no one to chat with at the time, I can leave a comment and say for example “I’m interested in chatting about this post at time X day X, you are welcome to join.”

It is not all bright of course, when you are chatting real time you might not be able to articulate yourself to the best of your ability. Comments are usually well thought out and in general people know what the hell they are talking about. While on the other hand, real time chats –as you know- might not offer the same level of quality that comments provide. Your thoughts??

I already posted two comments on Tech Crunch and I will keep following up.


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