Some good movies this christmas

Let’s start off with Syriana. It was such a good movie. A great story, very political, made a lot of good points, and had a great crew. George Clooney and Matt Damon both performed really well. Oil, war, money, and corruption … what more could you ask for. The movie had three parallel stories running at the same time and they all converge nicely at the end.

Munich was excellent too. I was not expecting Steven Spielberg to do such a decent job at portraying both the Palestinian and the Israeli sides. If you get a chance watch it. It talks about a series of assassinations executed by the Israeli Mossad after the death of the 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympics. The athletes were taken hostages by a group of Palestinians who asked for the release of several Palestinian prisoners. The Israeli government chose not to negotiate and all the Israeli hostages and the Palestinians who took them hostages were killed.

I was looking over some reviews by both the Palestinian and the Israeli sides and it looks like the movie got heat from both sides, mostly from the Palestinian side though. The Palestinian critics argued that the movie ignored many important facts. I found out about an article titled the “Spielberg on Munich: the humanization of Israeli killers, and the dehumanization of Palestinian civilians” that -as you can tell from the title- strongly criticized Spielberg. Watch the movie if you get a chance whether or not you agree with what Mr. Spielberg is presenting.

I have not seen King Kong yet and I saw Fun w/ Dick and James. It was OK. It serves its entertainment purposes, I was expecting more though.


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