Calendars and time management

There are so many tools, books, and programs that help you organize and schedule your life. If you like living your life as it comes, one hour and one day at a time (like I used to be and I do miss that life), then you can skip this post. But if you are crunched on time and have a lot of shit to take care off, welcome to my world.

I was trying to get a group of friends who do not know each other to meet and we ended up exchanging like 10 emails and several phone calls just to agree on a time that works out for all of us. We ended up scheduling a time that works for both of them but not me. What a pain?!!

There has to be a way to connect people’s hetrogenous calendars without going through all this crap that I had to go through. How can we do that? How about an on line tool that can interact with your calendar software?? This on line tool will allow you to give limited access to a group of people who you want to meet with. If they are also members of this website (the same tool), you will be able to schedule meetings between people from different organizations without having to go through your secretary and at the same time, the tool will make sure that your desktop calendar stays in-sync with your on line calendar. I do not want to spell out my calendar on the phone whenever I schedule something with someone who can not look at my calendar. I found out that 37Signals provides similar functionality with their online tools. Good for them!


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