Blogging is addictive

Blogging is addictive but enjoyable. I like writing what goes on in my confused little brain. Just having your ideas down somewhere makes you feel better. I guess its part of our desperate need to feel that we are making a difference somehow.

I was chatting with my buddy Drew about the new opportunities and needs of the blogging market. He has been cooking something up that will take the internet market by surprise.Drew’s blog can be found at I can not talk much about what he is doing, but soon enough you will find out for yourself. What Drew is working on will change the way we think about blogs, he will make it real, dynamic, live, and happening. How? Just wait 🙂


0 comments on “Blogging is addictive

  1. I found your blog while doing a vanity search on technorati… haha.. i can officially claim to be the first to post a comment on your blog! Thanks for arranging the Google visit dude, seriously. Its a pity you can’t come but i am sure we will meet up again some other day.

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