Online personas

So many freaking websites that have people’s profiles on them. Can you trust that info? No one is going to post anything bad about themselves. You only post the best pictures, the best quotes, the best everything that you have done in your life and summarize into an online page.

I am not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with this, but it does bother me that online social networking has become so popular that it’s not as valuable anymore. Take friendster for example, when it first started, people were only connected to their real friends and their networks. Then in a very short period of time, people started racing on has more friends on friendster. Like it matters dude. Show me one of these friendster friends who is gonna help you out of a burden. I’m being too generic and possibly you might have made some true friendships on friendster or whatnot. But you get my point.

How can we ensure that someone’s character online truly reflects their real personality. I am gonna call this problem the Virtual Character Syndrome (VCS). If you have any ideas, shoot me an email.


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