Iran’s Nuclear program

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi just announced that the US is allowed to bid on building a nuclear power plant in Southwestern Iran. SHOCKING!!

Iran and the US have been on bad terms for more than 26 years. Since the Islamic revolution took place in 1979, the US has opposed Iran in everyway possible. The US funded Saddam Husain during the eighties when he was at war with Iran, so that could you give you an idea about the amount of existing tension and hostility in the air.

So for Iran to allow the US to bid on the nuclear power plant, that’s really strange. The US already prevents US companies from doing business in Iran. It’s interesting to see how this whole Iranian nuclear initiative is going to turn out. The last thing the US wants right now is an Islamic state in the Middle East with Nuclear weapons, especially if this power is anti-Israel and potentially anti many other parties and groups in the area. Iran has been accused many times of funding HezbAllah in Lebanon and other anti-Israel militant groups. Also, the Syrian President Bashar Al-asad has been visiting Iran quite often lately, which raises a lot of question marks. Bashar is under scrutiny for his country’s involvement in the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al-hareri.

I grew up living this kind of politics in the Middle East every day. My grandparents used to have their meals before the news so they would not miss it. Politics in the mid-east is everyone’s business and a common topic of conversation in people’s lives.

The political landscape is changing in unpredictable ways right now. The old leaders, kings, princes, and sultans of the Middle East are dying and a new generation of leadership is replacing them. Not much has changed so far, but things do not seem stable to me. I hope to write a couple of blogs about the political and social situation in Middle East right now. Now I have to go check out an apartment in Mountain View. Cheers!


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