Found a place at last

I’m officially moving to Mountain View. I just told my current room mate Nabeel about it and he was expecting it. I have been bitching about the drive for over a month now and he knows how bad it’s to drive north in the morning (as well as south in the evening). Although, I will be moving out by the 1st of January, I have kept my current place up to the 15th. For two reasons; 1- I’m not sure if I will be here during the break so that will give me more time to move 2- to make sure that I give Nabeel a solid month to look for a replacement. He will be definitely missed. I enjoyed doing the hikes and rock climbing with him. He also loves movies as much as I do; we have a weekly movie tradition. I’m happy that I’m leaving on good terms and that I have developed a solid friendship with him. I will be definitely hanging out with him after I move InshaAllah (means god’s willing in Arabic).

What about the new place? It’s a nice 2 bedroom apartment w/ one bathroom in a nice complex. No hot tub but it has a pool and tennis courts (which I do not play so who cares …maybe I will learn). I will be moving with a guy called Corey, he is a History PhD Stanford student. He is cool and pretty smart. He also went to a Jesuit school (Georgetown) for his undergrad so he knows how to appreciate different religious and cultural practices.


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