Another visit to Google

No!! I do not want to work for Google. I interviewed with them on the phone three times and they were way too slow. So I accepted the offer from my current startup company. I think it was the right decision. The details of my decision making process are worthy of another post. So what is this visit all about?

Bjorn Lee who is a new friend that I recently met wants to give Google a visit. Bjorn is a student at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He has been in Silicon Valley for 18 months taking entrepreneurship classes at Stanford and interning at local startups. He is a really cool guy with great passion for Technology and entrepreneurship. You can read his blog at

I called Abid who is a good friend of mine from the SCU days and who is currently doing business operations at Google. Abid offered to take us for a tour and a free nice Google lunch. Another friend of Bjorn’s will be joining us, his name is Vinod. Vinod is also a student at NUS in the same Stanford program as Bjorn.

Bjorn being a biz student is “curious to know how non-engineers fit in within a “technocracy” like Google. =)” using his words. It should be a fun visit.


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