My first post

Whats up everyone? Welcome to my blog. I know you have been dying to read myblog for years (yeah right). So here you go, my blog at last 🙂
I decided to call my blog brain hash. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines the word hash in many ways. I picked the following meaning: HODGEPODGE, JUMBLE, or a confused muddle.

Today Yahoo aacquired Delicious! man .. another web 2.0 company makes it. I want to start my own social network site … YES … yet another social site ==> what I like to call the YASS phenomenon. How many of these social networking sites are we going to have? Are they useful? Do they solve a problem? What is it? What the hell is their value?

Dating sites, friendster-like sites, photo-mgmt sites, bookmark mgmt sites, …. too many sites man. I can not keep up with all this and I refuse to. I want to only spend my time on something worth it. I signed up with myspace, facebook, and my university’s social network last week. Man .. this is ridiculious. I now have to manage those accounts and GROW them. The only networking site that I really care about is LinkedIN. All the others are-in my humble opinion-fluff.

Whats important online? If you know, please tell me.


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